Welcome to Menith Wood

Menith Wood is a small village in the north-west of Worcestershire, between Great Witley and Tenbury Wells, on the northern slopes of the Teme valley. Historical records show that people have lived in the area now known as Menith Wood since pre-Doomsday times. Mining and farming were key industries throughout recent centuries, but these have declined in the past 50 years.

The villages main focal point – the Chapel Hall, where many Community Association and WI meetings take place, as well as great social events.

The village boasts a large Millennium Green, a tract of land to the east of the village as a place for villagers to enjoy the outdoors, and of course, the wood that gives its name to the village. Both of these are very popular with walkers, with or without dogs, and they provide good habitats for much wildlife.

Municipally, Menith Wood is on the border of three (3!) parishes – Lindridge, Rock and Pensax, and is firmly within the boundaries of Malvern Hills District Council.

Since time immemorial the village has been known by a variety of fairly similar names – Menney Wood, Menithwood and Menith Wood amongst others. And there is still no agreement on what we call where we live. Some people claim that the wood itself is Menith Wood and that the village is Menithwood. Purely for consistency throughout this site the village will be referred to as Menith Wood – this is no way implies that this is The Correct Name For The Village.

Menith Wood - Worcestershire